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Maria, Wymondham

"I Just wanted to write & say thank you for the Hypnotherapy you gave me for the IBS & in particular feeling anxious in traffic jams!!! I have been in a couple of jams now & apart from the odd minor twinge in my stomach I have coped without any problems. I really do think that you helped and would recommend to anyone giving Hypnotherapy a try to help solve any problems!"

K, Norwich (hypnobirthing client)

"Just wanted to let you know that my baby girl arrived last night at 11:52pm weighing 7lbs 3oz. My contractions started Wednesday night and I managed to get through them with breathing techniques and the hypno until yesterday evening. At about 10pm I decided to call the midwife round for the home birth as I wanted some gas and air but unfortunately they were busy with another lady which was going to be about 4 hours! They called me an ambulance as I was so far into labour and as soon as I got to the hospital at about 10:45 I was ready to push....just over an hour later she was born - don't think I could have waited 4 hours for the midwife!! So I didn't get my home birth but managed to get to 8-9cm dilated with no pain relief which I am so proud of!! We're home now and she's very contented. Just wanted to thank you for your help - all the midwives I saw commented about how calm and in control I was!"

Mel, Norwich

"I attended Annabel Hare, to try to come to terms and cure a phobia that I had. Firstly Annabel talked about my fear, and asked me what I feared and how I felt, and the feelings I got when I thought of my phobia."

"She then suggested that we proceed through the phobia and go through the tapping stages. We did this once round and then Annabel asked how I felt, and suggested we did it again, but looking deeper into the phobia."

"As we finished the procedure, in myself I felt very calm, very relaxed and didn't feel any fear of my phobia. I feel that Annabel Hare is very calm, understanding person and very considerate. She also had a very good understanding of my phobia, and at no time did I feel embarrassed or unsettled, this made my understanding of my phobia alot easier to come to terms with."

Jane, North Walsham

"I am new to hypnosis, and was pretty sceptical about the effectiveness of this technique, until I had my first session with Annabel. Like many people, I had preconceived ideas about the idea of hypnosis but actually it wasn't at all what I had expected. The session was very calming and very relaxing, and Annabel made me feel completely comfortable with allowing that relaxation to happen."

"I have a lot of problems relating to childhood abuse, and suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which sometimes makes it extremely difficult for me to relax. I found that the hypnosis took me to a much deeper place than I have been to before, and allowed me to completely relax for the first time in ages. After the session, I felt like I was floating on a fluffy cloud of mellowness, and noticed over the next few days and weeks that I was reacting differently to situations in my life that would normally have caused me stress and anxiety."

"Annabel has shown me how to go back to that relaxed and safe place inside when I need to and to react from there, and that has helped me no end. I know that I have only scratched the surface with this amazing technique, and that there is even more improvement to come."

"After a couple of hypnosis sessions, Annabel introduced me to a new technique called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which she thought would be of help to me. It involves tapping on various pressure points on the face and body to release 'stuck' emotions inside."

"I have now had 2 sessions of EFT, and I was blown away by the effectiveness of this simple technique. Both sessions have had a profound effect on the way I see the world and interact with people. The second session freed me of some emotional baggage about men that years of counselling and self help had not been able to shift."

"Bit by bit as we do this work, I am starting to get my lost memories back and become the person I always knew was in there somewhere! I truly believe that EFT is one of the most profound and powerful techniques for releasing the emotions and healing the mind and body, and that everybody should know about it."

"Annabel is an incredibly professional therapist who has an intuitive grasp of what her clients need to work on, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anybody. She have given me a new lease of life, and it just keeps getting better."

Melanie B, Norwich

"Recently due to some unknown reason I had lost my confidence when giving presentations. I would become nervous and experience shaking arms and legs. I sought therapy as I was required to give a presentation for a job interview and was anxious that in order to do well I needed to conquer my presentation nerves. After only one EFT round of tapping on my anxiety, and visualising myself successfully giving the presentation at the interview with the aid of hypnosis, helped me to conquer my anxiety around presentations."

"On the day of the interview I did a few tapping rounds myself which really helped to lower my anxiety levels, and I was calm and confident when giving my presentation and I got the Job! Thank you so much Annabel for all your help."


"I just felt it was important to get in touch and say thanks for the hypnosis. It really has done me a world of good. Fantastic way to spend 80. It has completely helped me come to terms with my brain irregularity (I now realise that tumour is only a word), it has reavealed the true nature of my sexuality to me - I have had an emotional nightmare in the last 5 years but now it is coming to a close at last and I see that much of it was to do with my sexuality and not my medical situation as I thought, it has helped me put stuff in perspective. I never thought I would reach such a point EVER!"

"Life is good generally, I am enjoying my course and now (thanks to hypnosis) am able to consider where it might take me in the future in terms of my career."

"Hypnosis has had a huge effect on me and now I know about the wisdom of my higher self. Thanks x"

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