Annabel Hare - hypnotherapist


"I have been interested in psychology for many years. When my children were in full-time education, I took the opportunity to go back to college to study psychology and sociology, gaining a BSc Honours degree in 2006. At that time, I wasn't sure how I could practically apply my newly-acquired knowledge to help people, which was what I had realised I wanted to do. At that time, local colleges and universities only ran courses on clinical psychology, which didn't interest me enough. By contrast, an advert in the local press for psychotherapy courses leapt out at me, and I applied straight away."

"At the start of my Advanced Diploma course, my main focus was counselling and psychotherapy. However, once I started learning about hypnosis and practising the techniques I was astounded by the results, and keen to broaden my knowledge of different therapies."

"My interest in EFT stems from a demonstration by my tutor; I was so amazed by this bizarre looking technique that I had to learn more about it, so that I could use it myself. I now use EFT to work with many different issues, and i am constantly amazed at how effective it is."

"My most recent qualification in 2013, is in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR), and i am currently working towards Accreditation with EMDR (EUROPE). I am very excited at being able to offer this therapy, as it is recommended for the treatment of PTSD in National and International guidelines including the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). I have already helped clients deal with past traumas that were difficult to treat using talking therapies, and am looking forward to helping many more."

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